2 Ways to download music from YouTube to iPhone

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March 20, 2024

YouTube, the popular online video-sharing platform where users can upload, watch, and share videos created in 2005, has since become one of the most visited websites on the internet. YouTube allows users to discover a wide range of content, including music videos, tutorials, vlogs, documentaries, and more.

YouTube also offers a dedicated music category where users can explore music videos, live performances, interviews, and behind-the-scenes content from their favorite artists. Additionally, there are numerous channels and playlists created by users that curate music based on various themes, moods, or genres.

It released the specialized YouTube Music app in 2015, which allows users to access an extensive library of songs and music videos, create personalized playlists, explore recommended music based on their preferences, and discover new artists and tracks.

For YouTube Premium subscribers, listening to music is available even if they have run out of the Internet. With downloaded songs, you can enjoy your favorite tracks any time, even if you’re not connected to the Internet. YouTube Premium users can download videos to watch offline using the YouTube app, download songs to listen to offline using the YouTube Music app. How to get YouTube Premium for free?

If you don’t have YouTube Premium, fortunately, you can still save the music through third-party YouTube music downloader tools. In this article, you’ll learn how to download music from YouTube to iPhone with or without YouTube Premium, so that you’ll be able to listen to YouTube music offline.

  1. Download music from YouTube to iPhone with Premium
  2. Download music from YouTube to iPhone without Premium

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Part 1. Download music from YouTube to iPhone with Premium

To download music from YouTube to iPhone, if you have Premium, you will need the YouTube Music app.

With YouTube Premium($11.99/month, $119.99/year), you also get YouTube Music Premium, which allows you to download any songs, albums and playlists on mobile devices. Note: the same is not true vice versa – paying for YouTube Music Premium($9.99/month, $99.99/year) does not give you access to YouTube Premium.

1.Find the playlist/album you want to download and tap below icon to add it to Library.

2. Run YouTube Music app on your iPhone and log in.

3. Go to Library and find the album or playlist you want to download.

4. Tap the three-dots icon to the right of the playlist, then tap Download to download the whole album or playlist.

To download individual songs, open the playlist, tap the three-dots icon to the right of each song and select Download to download individual songs.

You can also turn on offline mixtape, and YouTube Music will automatically download music content for you based on your previous listening history.

  1. Open the YouTube Music app.
  2. Tap your profile picture.
  3. Tap Downloads.
  4. Tap Settings "".
  5. Switch on Download an offline mixtape.

Part 2. Download music from YouTube to iPhone without Premium

If you don’t have YouTube Premium, don’t worry, there are still many ways to download music from YouTube to iPhone. By converting YouTube videos into MP3 format, you can download their audio tracks to listen to offline, without the accompanying visuals — and adverts.

1. Open a copyright-free video, which you want to convert into MP3 format, in the YouTube mobile app for iPhone. Tap the Share button below it or tap the three-dots icon and choose Share.

2. Tap Copy link.

3. Open google.com in a browser and search YouTube to mp3.

4. Choose a result and tap to open it.

5. Paste the music link to the search filed and click Convert.

6. When the song is prepared, tap Download.

Tap Download to save the song to your iPhone. Later you can find it in Files app, where you can open and play it in your default media player. 

The drawback is that you can only download songs one by one, which is time-consuming and tedious, especially if you have a long playlist or want to download multiple albums.

If you want to download entire playlists or albums in one go without YouTube Premium, you can try Pazu YouTube Music Converter.

2. Pazu YouTube Music Converter

Although there are lots of websites that allows you to convert YouTube videos to MP3 format, many either don’t work or contain dubious ads and malware-infected links. For your safety and convenience, we recommend using the reliable desktop program – Pazu YouTube Music Converter.

The best way to download songs, albums and playlists from YouTube Music without Premium is to use a professional YouTube Music Downloader. Pazu YouTube Music Converter is such a professional YouTube Music Downloader with YouTube Music web player built-in. You can easily browse or search the songs, album and playlist you want to download and then download them to MP3, M4A, AAC, FLAC, WAV and AIFF within one click.

If you want to download music from YouTube Music to iPhone, then all you need is Pazu YouTube Music Converter.

1. Run Pazu YouTube Music Converter 

To get started, download, install and run Pazu YouTube Music Converter on your Windows PC, which features a built-in YouTube Music web player.

If you have already purchased a license, click the key icon to register the converter. If not, continue using the trial version.

YouTube Music Converter

You don’t need to sign in to your YouTube Music account.

2. Choose output format

The default output format is M4A. You can also change the default audio format fromM4A to MP3, AAC, FLAC, WAV and AIFF, and change the output folder that your converted files are downloaded to. You can change audio quality to High (320kbps), Medium (256kbps), or Low (128kbps).

YouTube Music Converter settings

3. Add songs

Browse or search to fidn the songs, albums or playlist you want to download. Click the album or playlist you want to download. Then click the red icon to load songs. 

choose YouTube Music playlists

All songs in the playlist/album will be selected by default. You can uncheck the songs you don’t want to get.

choose YouTube Music songs

4. Click Convert button

After selecting the songs, click Convert button to start downloading YouTube Music songs to the format you choose. You will see a progress circle indicating your music is downloading.

convert YouTube Music to MP3

Once the songs have been downloaded, click the folder icon to quickly locate the DRM-free YouTube Music songs in the format you choose. You can then transfer them to your iPhone.

To view or manage all music you’ve downloaded, click the clock icon on the top right corner of the YouTube Music Converter interface.

YouTube Music to MP3 converter