4 Ways to play Amazon Music on Tesla

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July 5, 2024

Amazon Music has long been a highly requested feature among Tesla owners. Luckily, with Tesla 2024.26 update, Amazon Music will be suppoorted as native app on Tesla models S, 3, X, and Y. Before that, if you wanted to play Amazon Music on Tesla, you had to connect your phone via Bluetooth. This workaround, however, offers limited functionality (e.g. being unable to use voice search or change playlists). With Amazon Music app for Tesla, all become possible.

However, Amazon Music support on Tesla vehicles is only available in the US. If you are not that lucky, there are still some other ways to play Amazon Music on Tesla.

Option 1. Play Amazon Music on Tesla Via Bluetooth

Tesla allows you to play audio files from a Bluetooth-connected device (like a phone) or a USB-connected flash drive. When you connect a Bluetooth or USB device, Media Player includes the device as a media source.

If you have a Bluetooth-capable device such as a phone that is paired and connected to Tesla, you can play audio files stored on it. Choose Media Player’s Phone source, touch the name of your Bluetooth-connected device, then touch CONNECT.

To pair a phone, follow these steps while sitting inside your Tesla:

  1. Ensure both the touchscreen and the phone are powered on.
  2. On your phone, enable Bluetooth and ensure it is discoverable.
  3. Touch the Bluetooth icon located at the top of the Controls screen. 
  4. On the touchscreen, touch Add New Device > Start Search. A list of all available Bluetooth devices within operating distance displays on the Bluetooth settings screen.
  5. Choose the phone with which you want to pair. Within a few seconds, the Bluetooth settings screen displays a randomly generated number. Your phone also display a number.
  6. Check that the number displayed on your phone matches the number on the Bluetooths settings screen. Then, on your phone, confirm that you want to pair.
  7. If prompted on your phone, specify whether you want to allow Model 3 to access your personal information, such as calendar, contacts and media files.
  8. Now play the Amazon Music songs in your phone and it will be transferred to your car’s infotainment system.

Option 2. Play Amazon Music on Tesla Via browser

Open the built-in Browser in the touch screen and go to https://music.amazon.com, log in your account and start streaming. Note that it only works in park. Soon as you shift to Drive it stops. So audio as a whole stops from the browser while in drive. If you still can’t get sound from browser in park, go to the Bluetooth setting in the car, find your phone, and hit “disconnect.” You can also go to abettertheater.com select fullscreen then go to https://music.amazon.com from there.

Option 3. Get a Wireless Apple Carplay Car Stereo

Despite the preponderance of ‌CarPlay‌ on many other electric cars, Tesla does not offer official support. If you like CarPlay, you can purchase a Wireless Apple Carplay Car Stereo which connects your smartphone effortlessly and bring the features and apps to the portable Touch Screen. You can then make calls, send texts, navigate with maps, and listen to music with ease. Regardless of your vehicle’s age or model, enjoy a safer and smarter driving experience with this advanced technology. It also supports Android Auto.

If you are technical-skilled, you can resorted to a workaround that uses a connected Raspberry Pi to implement Apple CarPlay in Tesla.

Option 4. Play Amazon Music on Tesla Via USB Drive

Tesla has two USB ports located in the front compartment of the center console which can be used to play audio files stored on a phone or USB device.

Insert a flash drive into a front USB port. Touch Media Player > USB, and then touch the name of the folder that contains the song you want to play. After you display the contents of a folder on the USB connected flash drive, you can touch any song in the list to play it. Or use the previous and next arrows in Media Player to scroll through your songs. You can also scroll to next/previous songs using the left scroll button on the steering wheel.


  • Media Player supports USB flash drives with exFAT formatting (NTFS is not currently supported).
  • Use a USB port located at the front of the center console. The USB connections at the rear of the console are for charging only.
  • To play media from a USB connection, Model Y recognizes flash drives only. To play media from other types of devices (such as an iPod, Phone), connect the device using Bluetooth.

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How to convert Amazon Music to MP3 with Pazu Amazon Music Converter?

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2. Choose output format

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3. Add songs, albums or playlists

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All songs in the playlist will be added by default. Click the check the box next to the track that you don’t want to convert.

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Now you have downloaded Amazon Music songs to MP3 on Mac or Windows, transfer them to your USB drive. Insert the USB drive to your Tesla and enjoy your favorite Amazon music.