Best 4 Ways to block Deezer ads without Premium

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April 17, 2024

Same as Spotify, the French music streaming service Deezer also provides an ad-supported 100% free tier. The main restrictions of Deezer Free are ads, shuffle-based streaming and no offline listening. Same as Deezer Premium, Deezer Free is supported on desktop and most mobile and tablet devices. It’s also possible to stream and cast from select home and speaker devices. The most direct ways to block Deezer ads is to upgrade to Deezer Premium, however, if you can’t afford the subscription, there are also some options for you to Remove Ads from Deezer.


  1. Get Deezer Premium official free trial
  2. Get Deezer Cracked App on Android/iOS
  3. Use AdBlock Tools
  4. Use Pazu Deezer Music Converter

1. Get Deezer Premium official free trial

If you are new to Deezer, don’t miss the one-month free trial for Deezer Premium and Deezer Family, either monthly or annual subscription. The free trial is also available to Deezer Premium student plan.

Deezer Premium free trial
  • Deezer Premium: 1 month free then $11.99/month
  • Deezer Premium Annual: 1 month free then $107.99/year
  • Deezer Family: 1 month free then $19.99/month.( Get 6 individual accounts, all with Deezer Premium benefits.)
  • Deezer Student: 1 month free then $5.99/month.

How to Get Deezer Premium Free trial?

If you are new to Deezer, you can get Deezer Premium for free for one month. Go to, choose Deezer Premium and click “Try for free”, then follow the on-screen instructions.

2. Get Deezer Cracked App on Android/iOS

Another solution to block Deezer free ads is to install Deezer mod app for Android/iOS.

Deezer Mod app is an unofficial version of the Deezer app. It unlocks Deezer Premium features such as ad-free listening, unlimited music downloads, high-quality audio streaming, and offline listening. With Deezer Mod, you can enjoy an enhanced music streaming experience without the need for a subscription or payment. The legality of use may vary depending on your country’s copyright laws. It is recommended to check local regulations before using Deezer Mod.

Using modified (mod) applications to block ads can have several implications, and it’s important to approach this with caution. Since this is not an official release it is possible that a modified version contains malware or has been modified to collect personal data. Downloading Deezer Mod from trusted sources is very important to minimize the risk of compromising your device. Installing something from an unknown source may lead to get a virus or malware.

3. Use AdBlock Tools

There are many ad-blocking apps and browser extensions for you to block ads on computer and mobile devices. Here are some popular types of ad-blocking solutions:

  1. Ad-Blocking Browser Extensions:
    • uBlock Origin: A widely used open-source ad blocker available as an extension for various browsers.
    • Adblock Plus: Another popular extension that allows users to block ads and disable tracking.
    • AdBlock: Use AdBlock to stop annoying ads, improve browser speeds, and protect yourself online.
  2. Ad-Blocking Apps:
    • AdGuard: Available as both a browser extension and a standalone application, AdGuard blocks ads, trackers, and phishing websites.

However, Deezer may actively detect and restrict access to users who employ ad blockers. It may ask you to disable the ad blocker to access the content.

4. Get Deezer Premium for Free with Pazu Deezer Music Converter

Another way to bock Deezer ads without Premium is to download Deezer to MP3 and then play the songs with any music player on any devices. With an excellent Deezer music downloader, you can convert songs to MP3 with their original ID3 tags preserved.

Pazu Deezer Music Converter is the ultimate software that can download and convert Deezer songs, albums or playlists to MP3, M4A, AAC, FLAC, WAV and AIFF with few clicks. The ads will be removed at the time of converting and then you can play the downloaded songs with iTunes, Music, Windows Media Player, etc. Below is how to get rid of ads on Deezer in 4 steps.

Deezer converter

Deezer Music Converter

  • Download Deezer music to M4A/MP3/AAC/FLAC/WAV/AIFF.
  • Download Deezer music on Mac/Windows.
  • Keep High Fidelity Audio Quality and ID3 tags.
  • Fast conversion speed.

1. Launch Deezer Music Converter

Download, install and run Pazu Deezer Music Converter on your Mac. Click the Sign in button and log in your Deezer account in the built-in web player.

Deezer Music Converter

2. Change output format(optional)

The default output format is lossless M4A. Pazu Deezer Music Converter also supports converting Deezer to MP3, AAC, FLAC, WAV and AIFF. 

Output File Name: name the songs with any combination of Title, Artist, Album, Playlist Index, Track Number. For example, if you choose Title and Artist, Tylor Swift’s song Lover will be named as Lover Tylor Swift.mp3.

Output Organized: organize downloaded songs by Artist, Album, Artist/Album or Album/Artist.

Deezer Music Converter

3. Select music you want to download

Follow the on-screen instructions to choose the Deezer playlist or album you want to convert. Click Add songs.

Deezer Music Converter

4. Start Conversion

By default, all songs in the playlist/album will be checked. If there are songs you don’t want to convert, please uncheck the box next to the song title. Then click Convert button to start downloading songs to the format you choose.

Deezer to MP3

Deezer to MP3

After conversion, click below folder icon to quickly locate the downloaded songs. Now you can play the Deezer songs with any music player you like without ads.

Deezer to MP3