How to download Youtube Music to MP3 player

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March 21, 2024

Want something smaller to listen to YouTube Music to go to sleep or go running? Try out the following YouTube Music compatible MP3 players, which allow you to enjoy your playlists anytime, anywhere. If your music player doesn’t support downloading YouTube Music, don’t worry, you could also download YouTube Music to MP3s, and then move them to your portable player easily. Read on, and you’ll be covered with 3 MP3 players that support YouTube music and learn how to download music from YouTube music to any MP3 Player.


Part 1. Are there any MP3 players that support YouTube Music?

1. MYMAHDI MP3 Player 

MYMAHDI MP3 Player is an Android based 4″ Touch Screen Music Player that supports Spotify, Pandora, YouTube, YouTube Music, Audible, Deezer, etc.

Price: $78.88

2. Diofox MP3 player

Diofox 80GB MP3 Player is a 4-Inch Full-Touch mp3&mp4 Music Player with Spotify, Audible, Browser, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, YouTube (videos) and Prime Video, Pandora, etc. If you like to listen to music without the distractions of social media, text messages, etc., then this player is definitely for you. It provides a pure, distraction-free listening environment that allows you to fully immerse yourself in the world of music.

Price: $63.93 

3. Oilsky MP3 player

Oilsky 80GB MP3 Player has been installed with popular streaming music Apps, such as Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music,etc. In addition, it allows you to download other Apps such as Youtube Music directly from Playstore(APK installation also available). With the ability of 512GB SD Card expansion, you can store more your songs and enjoy them anywhere you go.

Price: $79.99  

Note that although there are many Android based MP3 player, some don’t have Play Store. In this case if Youtube Music is not pre-installed, you have to download the apk file and install non-playstore apps. 

Part 2. Best YouTube Music to MP3 Converter

If your MP3 player doesn’t support downloading YouTube Music app, don’t worry, you could also download YouTube Music to MP3s, and then move them to your portable player easily. In this post, we’ll list the best YouTube Music to MP3 downloader to save you the hassle.

Professional Pazu YouTube Music Converter

If you are looking for a way to properly convert YouTube Music to MP3 open-source music format to play on any generic MP3 player, we recommend Pazu YouTube Music Converter.

Pazu YouTube Music Converter is the best YouTube Music downloader available for both YouTube Music free and premium users to download any songs, albums and playlists to MP3(320kbps), M4A, AAC, FLAC, WAV and AIFF for offline playback.

Pazu YouTube Music Converter features built-in YouTube Music web player, making it easy and convenient to download any YouTube Music songs to DRM-free MP3, M4A, AAC, FLAC, WAV and AIFF on Mac and Windows. What’s more convenient, you even don’t need to log in your YouTube Music account.

YouTube Music Converter

Download YouTube Music songs/albums/playlists to MP3, M4A, WAV, FLAC, AIFF, AAC.

  • Rip YouTube Music songs/albums/playlists to MP3/M4A/AAC/FLAC/WAV/AIFF.
  • Preserve all ID3 tags and 320kbps.
  • Built-in YouTube Music web player.
  • No YouTube Music account needed.

Online YouTube to MP3 Converter tools can also download individual YouTube Music songs to MP3, however, they can’t rip YouTube Music albums and playlists. So we strongly recommend Pazu YouTube Music Converter if you want to transfer YouTube Music albums and playlists to MP3 player.

Tutorial: How to Download and Transfer YouTube Music to MP3 Player

To rip YouTube Music songs, albums and playlists to MP3, follow below steps.

1. Run Pazu YouTube Music Converter 

To get started, download, install and run Pazu YouTube Music Converter on your Mac or Windows PC, which features a built-in YouTube Music web player.

If you have already purchased a license, click the key icon to register the converter. If not, continue using the trial version.

YouTube Music Converter

You don’t need to sign in to your YouTube Music account.

2. Choose output format

Click the gear icon on the top right corner to customize the output settings, like output file format, output quality, output folder, file name format, etc. You can also sort downloaded songs by Artist and album.

YouTube Music Converter settings

3. Select YouTube Music album or playlist to rip

Browse or search to find the songs, albums or playlist you want to rip. Simply click the red icon to load songs. 

choose YouTube Music playlists

Pazu YouTube Music Converter will automatically analyze the playlist for you in seconds. All songs are selected for downloading be default, you can uncheck the songs you don’t want to rip, then click the Convert button.

choose YouTube Music songs

4. Click Convert button

After selecting the songs, click Convert button to start ripping YouTube Music songs to the format you choose. You will see a progress circle indicating your music is downloading.

convert YouTube Music to MP3

5. Transfer YouTube Music to MP3 Player

When the whole conversion is finished, then you can get YouTube Music songs in MP3 format in the destination folder. Plug your MP3 player to the computer and move downloaded YouTube Music songs f to the MP3 player. After that, you can listen to your favorite YouTube Music playlists on MP3 player on the go.

YouTube Music to MP3 converter


Currently more and more mp3 player is built with a full version of Android, complete with Wi-Fi connectivity and the Google Play Store, which makes it easy to install YouTube Music and start online streaming.

However, if your MP3 player such as SanDisk, Astell, Sony, etc, doesn’t support YouTube Music, just use Pazu YouTube Music Converter and rip any YouTube Music songs/albums/playlists to MP3 to play on any MP3 player without any issues.