How to get free Deezer Premium Apk in 2024

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December 27, 2023

Deezer has over 120 million tracks, the music library consists of a mixture of curated and personalized playlists. Deezer is available to use via a desktop app, mobile app, and web player. Deezer feels super-easy to navigate, with a clear layout that makes discovering music very simple. However, to maximize the features of the Deezer app, numerous users opt for the Deezer Mod APK. This article will explore the Deezer Mod APK, elucidating its features and advantages, and providing guidance on a secure download process.

What is Deezer Premium Apk or Deezer MOD Apk?

Deezer Premium Apk or called Deezer Mod Apk, is a modified version of the official Deezer app, developed by independent developers. With Deezer Mod, you can get Deezer Premium features without subscribing to it. These features include ad-free listening, unlimited music downloads, high-quality audio streaming, and offline listening.

Features of Deezer Mod APK

Play on demand

Play what you want, enjoy unlimited skips, and craft your own collection of music, podcasts, and more.


Deezer Mod APK removes all ads and allows users uninterrupted music enjoyment. Stream all your favorite audio content without a single ad interruption.

Offline listening

With Deezer Premium Apk, you can download your music and podcasts, and listen without connection.

Is Deezer Premium APK legal?

Deezer Mod is an unofficial version of the Deezer app that lacks authorization from the official developers. Consequently, it falls into the category of unauthorized distribution, and the legality of its use is subject to variations based on the copyright laws in your specific country. Prior to using Deezer Mod, it is advisable to verify local regulations to ensure compliance with copyright laws.

Is it safe to use Deezer Premium APK?

Utilizing Deezer Mod entails certain risks. Given that this is not an official release, there is a potential for the modified version to harbor malware or undergo alterations aimed at collecting personal data. Installing applications from unknown sources poses the highest risk of contracting viruses or malware.

Why my Deezer Premium APK stopped working?

Deezer makes changes on their servers regularly that affect the functionality of unofficial or modded versions. If the APK is not updated to match these changes, it may stop working.

How to get free Deezer Premium Apk?

If you can bear all potential risks of Deezer premium apk, follow the steps below to install Deezer premium apk:

  1. Download the APK file to your Android device.
  2. Open the downloaded .apk file to install it.
  3. Follow the on-screen directions to finish the installation.
  4. Login with your Deezer account or create a new one.

It’s important to note that using unofficial or modded versions of apps may violate terms of service and can result in the termination of your account.

Best alternative to Deezer Premium Apk

Although you can download Deezer songs for offline listening with Deezer Premium Apk, the downloaded songs can only be played within Deezer app, you can’t play them offline on computer or with other music player. Actually the best free way to get Deezer Premium is to download Deezer music to MP3 with Pazu Deezer Music Converter.

Pazu Deezer Music Converter is a piece of safe, clean, and reliable software that serves massive music lovers. You can download songs and podcasts from Deezer web player with HiFi quality, which is very safe and without any security risks. It can help you download music from Deezer and convert Deezer music to several popular audio formats like MP3, M4A, FLAC… With Pazu Deezer Music Converter, you can easily remove DRM from Deezer and then play Deezer songs on any device through any media player you like. What’s more, you can listen to ad-free Deezer music offline without any limitations. Now, you can refer to the following tutorial to download and convert music from Deezer via Pazu Deezer Music Converter.

1. Launch Deezer Music Converter

Download, install and run Pazu Deezer Music Converter on your Mac. Click the Sign in button and log in your Deezer account.

Deezer Music Converter

2. Change output format(optional)

The default output format is lossless M4A. Pazu Deezer Music Converter also supports converting Amazon Music to MP3, AAC, FLAC, WAV and AIFF. 

Output File Name: name the songs with any combination of Title, Artist, Album, Playlist Index, Track Number. For example, if you choose Title and Artist, Tylor Swift’s song Lover will be named as Lover Tylor Swift.mp3.

Output Organized: organize downloaded songs by Artist, Album, Artist/Album or Album/Artist.

Deezer to MP3

3. Select music you want to download

Follow the on-screen instructions to choose the playlist or album you want to convert. Click Add songs.

Deezer Music Converter

4. Start Conversion

By default, all songs in the playlist/album will be checked. If there are songs you don’t want to convert, please uncheck the box. Then click Convert button to start downloading songs to the format you choose.

Deezer Music Converter

Deezer to MP3

After conversion, click below folder icon to quickly locate the downloaded songs.

Deezer to MP3