3 Ways to play YouTube Music on Tesla

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March 20, 2024

While there is a YouTube video application in the theater section of the Tesla infotainment system (while parked), YouTube Music, YouTube’s music streaming service, is not currently supported. Currently, Tesla offers a direct stream from Slacker, Spotify, TIDAL, and TuneIn. This is in addition to FM radio and SiriusXM for the Model S and Model X.

Youtube Music, Pandora, Apple Music, Amazon Music, etc. remains absent from Tesla’s streaming lineup. In this article, we’ll show you 3 ways to play YouTube Music in Tesla.


Option 1. Play YouTube Music on Tesla via Bluetooth

The easiest way to play YouTube Music on Tesla is to stream audio via Bluetooth from your cellphone.

Once a phone is paired, Tesla can connect to it whenever the phone is within range.
To pair a phone, follow these steps. Here we use Tesla Model 3 as example. Check this video tutorial.

  1. Ensure both the touchscreen and the phone are powered on.
  2. Enable Bluetooth on your phone.
  3. Tap the Bluetooth icon located at the top right corner of the Controls screen.
  4. On the touchscreen, touch Add New Device > Start Search. A list of all available Bluetooth devices within operating distance displays on the Bluetooth settings screen.
  5. Choose the phone with which you want to pair. Within a few seconds, the Bluetooth settings screen displays a randomly generated number. Your phone also display a number.
  6. Check that the number displayed on your phone matches the number on the Bluetooths settings screen. Then, on your phone, confirm that you want to pair.
  7. If prompted on your phone, specify whether you want to allow Model 3 to access your personal information, such as calendar, contacts and media files.

Paired and connected your phone to Tesla, play YouTube Music songs on your phone and the sounds will come from Tesla’s Media Player. When YouTube Music songs begins to play, you can then use Media Player’s next and previous icons (or use the left scroll button on the steering wheel) to play other tracks.

Option 2. Mirror YouTube Music app to Tesla touchscreen with TslaMirror app

TeslaMirror(for Android)/TslaMirror(for iOS) is an App that will help mirror your iPhone apps to Tesla vehicle! Also, it can support App screencast to a Chrome browser.

Option 3. Play YouTube Music on Tesla from USB device

Tesla allows owners to insert a USB drive to play MP3s directly from your device. Your USB drive will need to be formatted using exFAT to work. Once the drive is inserted, you will be able to access your music through a new USB icon in the launcher. Tesla will let you view your music by artist, album, song title, and even search for your favorite songs.

Tesla Model S, 3, X, Y all have two USB ports located in the front compartment of the center console. These ports can be used to:

  • Connect and charge USB devices.
  • Play audio files stored on a phone or USB device (see Playing Media from Devices).
  • For saving Sentry Mode and Dashcam video footage, use the USB port located in the glove box. Doing so increases security and minimizes power consumption.

You can play audio files from a Bluetooth-connected device (like a phone) or a USB-connected flash drive. When you connect a USB device, Media Player includes the device as a media source. Insert a flash drive into a front USB port (see USB Ports). Touch Media Player > USB, and then touch the name of the folder that contains the song you want to play. After you display the contents of a folder on the USB connected flash drive, you can touch any song in the list to play it. Or use the previous and next arrows in Media Player to scroll through your songs. You can also scroll to next/previous songs using the left scroll button on the steering wheel. 

Note: Media Player supports USB flash drives with exFAT formatting (NTFS is not currently supported).

You can also store download Apple Music songs on iPhone and iPod and then connect them to Tesla with Bluetooth. To play media from a USB connection, Tesla recognizes flash drives only. To play media from other types of devices (such as an iPod), you must connect the device using Bluetooth.

So if you can download YouTube Music playlists to computer, you can then play them on Tesla from USB device.

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