How to Sync Spotify? How to Fix When Spotify Not Syncing?

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December 12, 2023

Spotify allows you to sync local music files, so you can play all your music with Spotify app. You can import local files with Spotify app for Android and computer, not including Spotify for iOS.

How to sync local music on computer?

  1. Run Spotify on your computer and click your account name in the top-right corner, then click Settings.
Spotify settings
  1. Scroll down to the Local Files and toggle on Show Local Files. A new menu called “Show song from” will appear. If your local songs are in the default folder provided by Spotify, toggle it on – otherwise, click Add a source and select the folder on your computer where the songs are located. All songs in that folder will be synced to Spotify.
  1. Click Your Library and you will find Local Files. Click it and you will see all songs in the folder you choose have been synced to Spotify.
Spotify local songs
  1. You can play these songs right away or customize the order by Title, Artist, Album or Duration. You can transfer songs to new playlist or your created playlist, but not Spotify created playlists.

How to play synced local music on Spotify for Android?

  1. Run Spotify app on your Android and tap Home.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Switch Show local audio files on.

Your synced music is now in Local Files in Your Library.

How to play synced local files on Spotify for iOS?

  1. Run Spotify app on your iOS device.
  2. Go to Settings – Local Files and switch on Enable sync from desktop.

How to fix playlist not syncing between devices?

If you’re seeing playlists or saved tracks on one device but not on another, first make sure you’re logged in on the same account on both devices.

If you are, try logging out and back in on the device that hasn’t synced to shake things up. Make sure your apps are not in Offline Mode.

Make sure your devices are discoverable and connected to the same WiFi network.

Make sure the Spotify app has access to your local network. Check in your iPhone/iPad settings under Spotify.

Or connect both devices to another WiFi network or a mobile data hotspot.

Follow these steps for a clean reinstall to make sure the cache is not causing this issue.

How to sync Apple Music to Spotify?

Although you can download Apple Music songs to computer, they can’t be synced to Spotify due to the DRM protected .m4p format. Spotify Local Files sync supports: .mp3, .mp4, .m4a. To sync Apple Music songs to Spotify, you need to download Apple Music songs to the format that Spotify supports, such as MP3. Here we will show you how to download Apple Music songs to MP3 with Pazu Apple Music Converter.

Step 1 Launch Pazu Apple Music Converter

Download, install and run Pazusoft Apple Music Converter on your Mac or Windows. Follow the on-screen instructions to sign in with your Apple ID.

Apple Music Converter

Step 2 Choose output format

The default format is M4A in 256kbps. Apple Music Converter also supports MP3, AAC, FLAC, WAV and AIFF. Click the gear icon if you want to change output format or output folder.

Apple Music song format

Here you can also customize song name format with any combination of Playlist Index, Track Number, Title, Artist and Album.

Or set Pazu Apple Music Converter to archive output song with Artist, Album, Artist/Album or Album/Artist.

Step 3 Choose a playlist, artist or album you want to download

Follow the instructions to choose a playlist, artist, or album that you want to download. Click the Add button to select songs for converting.

add songs

All songs in the playlist or album are selected by default. Uncheck the songs you don’t want to download if there are any, then click Convert button.

open a playlist

The songs you selected will be downloaded to the format you want.

convert Apple Music songs

When the conversion is completed, click the folder icon to quickly locate the DRM-free Apple Music songs.

Click the clock icon on the top right corner to view all downloaded songs. You can check them by converted date, artist or album.

convert Apple Music songs