Instafest Spotify: How to Create Your Festival Lineup?

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July 10, 2024

Music lovers, have you ever imagined a music festival with your dream lineup? If the answer is yes, then you need to check out Instafest, a web app that allows Spotify users to create their own personalized Coachella-like posters. If you’ve ever been disappointed by the lineup of your favorite music festival, Instafest is your solution. It can curate a three-day hypothetical music festival lineup, spotlighting your most-played Spotify artists.


Instafest Spotify

What is Instafest?

Instafest is a free web app developed by Anshay Saboo, a student from the University of Southern California. The app was first launched during Saboo’s Thanksgiving break in 2022 and quickly gained immense popularity. In just over a week, Saboo reported that his site had attracted over 16 million users, as evident from his Google Analytics data.

Similar to the beloved Spotify Wrapped feature, which allows users to discover their top artists, songs, and genres and share them on social media, Instafest uses data from users’ Spotify accounts to generate a dream music festival lineup that can be shared with friends.

In addition to its integration with Spotify, Instafest has expanded its reach to include other popular music streaming platforms such as Apple Music, YouTube Music, and But for Apple Music and YouTube Music, you can currently create a Festival poster with a playlist.

What’s in your Spotify Instafest?

Your personalized Spotify Instafest will prominently feature 36 of your top artists, with your favorites headlining each day of the fictional three-day festival. When creating your festival lineup, you can select the Spotify streaming time from which your top artists are chosen—whether it’s the last four weeks, six months, or all-time.

The dates of your hypothetical festival will align with the day you create it and extend to the following two days. You can change the festival’s name, or let Instafest name it with a combination of your username and the suffix “fest” or simply “Instafest.” Additionally, you have the option to select the background style of your Spotify Instafest, from “Malibu Sunrise,” “LA Twilight,” “Mojave Dusk,” “Indio Midnight,” “Valley Sunset,” and “Desert Nova.”

Its “Basic Score” feature provides users with a score ranging from 0 to 100. A lower score indicates that the artists featured in your festival are relatively more niche.

Once you are satisfied with how your Instafest Spotify looks, you can download the image and share it on social media platforms, allowing your friends and followers to revel in your virtual music extravaganza.

How to get your Spotify Instafest?

Instafest is pretty straightforward to use: sign in with your Spotify account, and it will generate a music festival poster based on your most listened-to Spotify artists.

Here’s how to create your Spotify Instafest festival lineup:

Step 1. Visit and click the “Sign in with Spotify” button.

sign in with spotify

Step 2. Log into your Spotify account. By clicking on AGREE you will allow the app to access your account data.

allow the app to access your spotify data

Step 3. Instafest then generates your own personal Spotify festival lineup. Use the right-side menu to customize the streaming duration, style, and name of your festival.

generate your Spotify festival lineup

Step 4. You can select artists in your lineup. Click the Customize Artists button, and click on the artist you want to hide. The chosen artists will NOT be shown in your poster.

customize artists

Step 5. Click the “Save and Share” button to download your Instafest Spotify Festival Poster to your device, then you can share it on social media platforms or with your friends.

save and share

How to Create Your Festival Lineup from a Spotify Playlist?

Beyond generating a festival lineup based on your Spotify listening history with Instafest, you can also create your festival poster from any Spotify playlist. This feature also supports Apple Music and YouTube Music.

Follow these steps to create your Festival Lineup from a Spotify playlist:

Step 1. Go to and click Create from a Playlist.

create festival lineup from a playlist

Step 2. Select “Sign in with Spotify” to log into your Spotify account. If you’ve already created a festival lineup with Instafest, you might be automatically signed into your Spotify account.

sign in with spotify

Step 3. You will be directed to your personal Spotify festival lineup page. Click “use artists from a playlist” on the right side menu.

Create from a Spotify Playlist

Step 4. Go to Spotify and find a playlist you want to use. From the playlist page, click three dots > Share > Copy link to playlist.

copy spotify playlist link

Step 5. Return to Instafest, paste the playlist link, and click the Create Festival button.

paste link to instafest

Step 6. Your Spotify Playlist Festival Lineup is generated. Use the Customize Artists button to choose which artists are displayed. Once finished, click the Save and Share button to download the poster to your device.

your playlist festival lineup

Please note that you may need to pick a Spotify playlist with enough artists for your three-day festival, otherwise, Instafest will create a poster with a lineup for only one day.

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