Video Cutter

How to split video based on Key Frames

Pazu Video Cutter is a professional video splitting tool that allows you to cut videos at keyframes and get lossless video. You can choose to cut at a keyframe or any frame. It lets you quickly extract the good parts from your videos and discard many gigabytes of data without doing a slow re-encode and thereby losing quality.

Pazu Video Cutter

Pazu Video Cutter

  • Split any video by time or keyframe..
  • Cut or trim video.
  • Keep 100% original quality.
  • Fast split speed.

Follow below steps and learn how to split video files based on frame and keyframe with Pazu Video Cutter , the video splitting tool for both Mac and Windows that can split your video files into multiple files.

Step 1 Add video

Download, install and run Pazu Video Cutter on your Mac or Windows. Drag&drop or click "Click to Upload" to add your video.

video cutter Mac

Step 2 Split video

Select the cut segment's start and end time by moving the frame marker (one frame back), (one frame forward), (one keyframe back), (one keyframe forward ) and then pressing to set start time, and to set end time.

  • (optional) If you want to add more than one segment, repeat above steps. Segments are marked with different colors.

video segments

Step 3 Export video

When done, press the Export button to show an overview with export options. Then press Export again to confirm the export. The original video file will not be modified. Instead, the output segments will be saved to the same directory as the original file with from/to timestamps in the file name.

Choose Keyframe Mode.

preview video segments

split video segments

Tip: Press the Camera button if you want to take a PNG snapshot from the current time.